Heartsupport im not sure if i want to continue bei

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@heartsupport I’m not sure if I want to continue being a mechanic or if I want to start writing, I mean I’ve sunk sooo much money into being a mechanic, but writing’s truly my passion and I’m not even a very good writer I haven’t even finished my first book I keep hitting snags in my story, but I’d still much prefer that to turning wrenches day in and day out. I don’t feel like I’m even built for this life, but I’ve already proven time and time again that I’m not smart enough to do anything else.

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Hi friend,

I want to point out that you’ve just described the sunk cost fallacy - you may have put money, time and effort into being a mechanic, but having that be your career for the rest of your life is not set in stone. If writing is what speaks to you, then I wouldn’t give it up. I think it is also important to remember that it is totally normal that writing a book takes time, many of those that I enjoy took years to put out - it doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t a good writer!! Even then, if it is your passion and makes you happy, then that is what matters most. It is true that writing may not be the most sustainable career, and that balancing it out with something on the side is probably more secure. However, the other job you hold doesn’t have to be a mechanic - especially when it sounds like you dread it so much. Are there any other fields that may be of interest to you? Something that may overlap with the skills that you have acquired already? In all cases, you are more than smart enough to do whatever it is you set yourself out to do. No matter what you dedicate yourself to, skills can be acquired, developed, and nurtured - there is always room for growth. I’d say the most important thing is to listen to your gut, and if you are sticking with your job solely because of what you have invested, and not because you are motivated and happy, change is worth considering. Your happiness and fulfillment are what matter and should not be overlooked. It can be scary at first to switch things up drastically, but I would say a stretch of uncertainty is better than committing yourself long-term to something you do not enjoy. I truly wish you all the best. I know figuring things out is never easy, but as long as you strive for what makes you happy I believe everything should work out in the end <3

Hey friend, loooove what you wrote here, and so appreciate you sharing. I recorded a video reply (~6m) that you can watch here: Video reply: im not sure if i want to continue being a mechanic | Loom

-nate, heartsupport staff