Heartsupport ive never been in a relationship but

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@heartsupport ive never been in a relationship but one thing that hit is (It took the death of hope to let you go) ive been letting my self go who i am because lately things have been going downhill none stop thing in my life and mental health and i feel that lyrics as if im siging to my self i feel like my personality my person is dying being smothered with problems and emotions im getting lost in it everything is feeling disconnected nothing means anything cause its only way i can cope with it all …i know i need help im kind of falling apart

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I liken this feeling to our souls being candles and life putting a lid over the jar and slowly snuffing out the flame. It’s hard to keep burning, to grab that oxygen and thrive.
I know that life has these moments of pure overwhelm and it feel so hard to keep burning bright.

I feel like the beauty of sharing that overwhelm and struggle with others is that it gives us a moment to be able to pause and allow others to feed into the flame. It’s okay to need that. It’s okay to allow ourselves grace enough to deserve that support


Hello Friend

I am so thankful that you have commented, it is so brave of you to do so. I can relate to you so very much and this is the first step that you have made to changes and that is wonderful, I feel so proud of you right now.

Not so very long ago I too found myself beginning to feel overcome, I felt I was drowning in all the negativity that was happening in my life, things I seemed to have no control over, the feeling of helplessness, that life is happening outside of you.

I pushed everything away too, I had to handle my own thoughts and feelings, I had to work out what I really needed to be worried about, what could I do to help myself and the things I couldn’t change I had to try my best to let go of (that is so hard)

Talking of coping, it is really ok to not be able to cope all of the time, it is ok to ask for help at those times and not feel bad about it. You have done the hard part, you have acknowledged that you need some help, now you just go and ask for it.

I would definitely encourage you to go and see you doctor and talk to them about how you are feeling (this is not to get you on medication) your Dr should be able to discuss different options that could help you. Doctors are so used to people coming and telling them they are struggling that it is not a thing to be nervous about, they have heard it all before and they can help you. You are also always welcome to reach out here at Heartsupport.

As I said earlier, you have made the first move, we will support you all the way throught the rest if you wish. Good luck to you friend. Lisa x

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Hello friend,

It can definitely be hard, especially with how crazy life can be. But the most important step to take in situations like this is what you’ve actually already done! Which is opening up about your feeling and situation. It’s definitely easy to feel disconnected and falling apart when the cloud of depression is taking over. But reading this, I can definitely see a lot of hope and drive. I would definitely talk to someone about this, because they can not only be a good ear to listen, but can help you get through that cloud and into a much better view.

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