Heartsupport non of my friends committed suicide b

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@HeartSupport non of my friends committed suicide, but when my parents divorced, i felt dead inside too. i have depression since than, and 100% feel all he says, because i see my younger self jumping the moment they told me they will divorce. my parents weren’t perfect, my dad has anger issues and yells, but didn’t hit me at all. i feel kinda like a little bitch saying this, but i was a brat trown in cold water without knowing how to swim. i had all kinds of toyes, but after they divorced, we lived in a car for 3months. (btw my mom cheated and told everyone on her birthday)

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Learning about their divorce must have been for you such a pivotal and heartbreaking moment in your life. You have grown up seeing your parents together, embracing how it feels to be a family where both your parents and you share the same space, then suddenly you faced a brutal change that must have shaped so much of your experience afterwards. As a child we need a loving, peaceful and safe environment, and divorce can represent the absolute opposite of this. You can be caught up in the middle of their own battles while loving them both, having to move to different environments, losing relationships and what felt familiar to you… it’s like a complete 180° on your life without having a say on it or any sense of control.

It really makes sense to feel like this event in particular and its consequences on your life still affects you. At the time, you have experienced an important loss and a massive change in your life. You have been pushed suddenly into this new world where you were forced to grieve the way life was before, without knowing how life would be moving forward. It’s both painful and scary at the same time. I’m so sorry, friend. Thank you for being here today and opening up about what you’ve been through.

Hello friend,

Divorce can always be a rough thing. My parents actually separated when I was 12 years old, and it was rough because there was a lot of uncertainty. Because my dad and I weren’t all that close but my mom and I were. I was nervous that I would have to stay with my dad which I didn’t want to at all.

To me, being able to come on here, talk about what happened, shows immense strength! The waves will be hard to navigate still, but you’ve overcome so much already. I’m so glad your younger self didn’t jump, because there’s so much of the world to see. <3

One minute everything seems to be going perfectly then all of sudden life throws a curve ball at you and your entire life is turn upside down. I want you to know that although things may be hard right now because of your parents’ divorce there are better days ahead. You have to stay positive and know that your parents’ divorce does not eliminate the love that they have for you. Be strong my friend!

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@@HeartSupport i was 10. Im 17 now. I dont mean seeing my younger self jump in the way of being close to suicide, but the way that since then, i dont really feel anything anymore. I dont care anymore. I recently dropped out of school because i had enough of their bullshit. You know im quite smart, no genius, but smart. I dont take crap from others and pride myselfe in that. I dont want it to change, but people seem ti want me to. even if i had the best degree you can get in school and uni, id still dislike all the options. Ive been looking for years. I have worked, and it just feels like nothing is for me. Rn, id rather jump than do a job i dislike. I feel pretty trapped.