Heartsupport Tattoos

I tried to find a spot where everyone has posted them, but I couldn’t find one. Let’s see them!


@Asfixzeeuh - Sadly I don’t have any HeartSupport tattoos… Or do you mean just any tattoos? :slight_smile:

Nope, I meant actual HeartSupport related tattoos.

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Join the discord a few people have posted picture i know dan and caser but i think a few other and they have posted pic when i have get back to my dorm i can get you the name i cant get discord because im at school


Here’s a link to the HS Discord: CLICK HERE!
The Picture Pit section should have some posts of HS tattoos! Hope this helps!

P.S. The link will only be active for a day.

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Thank you for this, but I’m already a part of the discord and I looked at the Picture Pit, but I’m not scrolling all the way through it to find them. haha.

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