Heartsupport thanks - i heard this song and on the

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@heartsupport Thanks - i heard this song and on the first listen I broke down. So many of the new Beartooth songs hit with were I am following the breakup of a marriage and navigating my new life. I have had counselling but feel I need more. The good days are good, but the bad are f*****g bad. Music is a healing tool, for self reflection and Beartooth atm are one of the more honest and amazing bands.


Thank you for sharing! Yes, Beartooth really speaks what we’re feeling so many times! I hear you on how to move on when a marriage ends. We take those vows with every intention that it really is forever and it feels so possible. Then it isn’t forever and it doesn’t work and oh the pain. The feelings of pain and hurt, anger, betrayal, loss. And we slowly rebuild our life without them there daily. It’s good to hear that the music helps. I wish healing and peace for you as you move forward. I wish for you to find the best you as you go forward. Keep listening and know that you are heard.

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Good for you really for being aware of needing more therapy. Sometimes things seem to be better then we realize there are still layers of grief and hurt to process. There’s still this memory, this situation, this relationship, this emotion that hasn’t been acknowledged and fully unfolded… And breaking up after a marriage is surely a heavy loss to deal with, one that comes to the heart like ocean waves.

I hope that the bad days don’t overshadow everything or make you feel like you wouldn’t be progressing in your healing. As you said these days can be freaking bad, and it’s hard to see beyond the pain when it is so very present. Yet you have been seeking support (and thankfully music helps too!) and you have been trying to keep moving forward in your life. You’re on a strong path, friend. Little by little, the bad days will give more room to the good ones, even if sometimes it feels like running into circles over and over. You will get through this and your efforts are so very significant. You will feel like fully settled and back on your feet again. Know that we believe in you here. :orange_heart:

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