Heavy Heart for anyone struggling

Been feeling a little low this weekend. I always tend to think of 2 of my Marine brothers I lost, during Memorial weekend. One of them we lost due to an ATV accident, and the other to an apparent suicide. I think the part that gets to me the most is that both of their deaths happened after we had returned from Iraq, for one, after 3 tours of Iraq. I would just sit and think sometimes, dudes, we freaking made it through war, and this had to happen after?
So one of my brothers was name Sgt. Romano. I found out he had gotten into an ATV accident awhile after getting out of Active Duty. This news just hit so hard, because as a Marine, we think we are invincible you know. Especially after having survived 3 tours of Iraq, the first one which was initially during “wartime”. I totally don’t say this to sound cocky either. Any other military people just know that we are trained to believe we are the best, and we try to be. Also, I mention it in chat sometimes, that I’m a Marine, and I never do it to flex, more just to see if there are other veterans to talk to. It’s just so crazy, remembering having talked to him one minute, then the next finding out he got into an accident that ended his life.
My other brothers name was Sgt. Harley. He was actually one of my supervisors at the time of his death. We had just returned from Iraq, I think it had even been less than a couple weeks. We found out that they found him dead on his bed one morning in the barracks rooms. They later found out he had mixed alcohol with something which had caused it.
I guess a lot of why I posted was to remind others on here how important life is. I know right now you may be feeling like it’s your wits end, but it’s not. Both these guys had so much more to look forward to and didn’t get the chance. It feels like nobody will remember you, but we do, and it hurts. Just knowing they could still be around, leading Marines to this day. So yeah, kinda all over the place with this one, but please if your reading this and feel down, reach out! Some people didn’t have that chance, don’t take it for granted. Much love, Hold Fast, and please remember why we celebrate this holiday!



I’m sorry you lost your comrades. Memorial Day will always be the day we honor our fallen soldiers and heroes.


Thanks friend! I appreciate it!

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I’m very sorry for your loss, Hold. As someone who was a military spouse for 14 years, I went through a lot of seeing people pass or people who had loved ones pass. One soldier that was a family friend was drinking at a party and he and a 15 year old kid went out driving. The kid was driving. They got in an accident and it killed the soldier. Sadly the kid has to live with that for the rest of his life. Tough lesson to learn.

I’ve seen a lot of soldiers get hurt over seas. Some made it, some did not.

It’s a hard thing to experience. Whether someone we are close to or just someone we know.

Lots of love to you my friend.


Thank you. First I am sorry you lost your brothers/friends. Second, I do appreciate those words of encouragement. So important to reach out. Thank you again HoldxSteel. Stay Strong.


@HoldxSteel, I have deep empathy for you. My unit is plagued with the highest Suicide rate in the Corps. On top of the many brothers we have lost in country and to seemingly unneccessary accidents here at home.

We’re all human at the end of the day, Marine or not, and just as susceptible to the chaos life throws our way. Physical or mental. I just want to say I’m proud of you. You’re never out of the fight. Let me know if you need anything.