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Heavy TW: Trolls, doxx, and more

So, on January 7th, a YouTube troll made an ‘expose’ video about me, which I was able to get taken down. After that, multiple trolls started harassing me. They sent me death threats and kept ‘trolling’. Today (Jan 14), one of them made a channel, and started impersonating me. Copied my whole channel (I changed my channel name and stuff after that). They uploaded 2 videos. The first one was them apologizing to themselves, but acting as me. The second video was them doxxing me. They got my country and state correct, but the city they put was the town I work in, not the town/city I live in. Before those videos, one of the trolls made a video saying that if I don’t delete my channel in the next 24 hours, they’ll send a hit man.

Earlier today I went to the police department in the town I work in. They called me and instructed me to go to the police department in the town/city I live in since they don’t have jurisdiction to do anything since it’s not happening in the town I work in. I’ll be going tomorrow.

This whole thing has messed up my sleep schedule and my mental health. I feel safe at home, but not out of my home. The worse thing is, before January 7th I never heard of these people. I also did nothing to them to send me these threats.


If you have videos online that you want to save, download them. Then close the account. I do believe law enforcement would be interested in taking action. If you really want to hang onto the account, disable comments. You can also change visibility to unlisted. Then, only people who have direct links can find you. You can also block people from making comments, and block subscribers. You can keyword search how to do these things in Google or YouTube. If these trolls have their own YouTube channels, you might be able to find clues as to their whereabouts. Sending links to their channels to law enforcement might be a good idea.

I’m sorry that you are going through this. Trolls usually have a short attention span, so I doubt that this will go on forever. Still, would be great if they were caught.

I had blocked them so they can’t comment, but they can still stalk my channel. Ik they most likely won’t go through with their threats but I’ve been told to report it

I’m sorry that these people have been threatening you. Even if it happens online and there is some distance with what’s happening, it is still frightening to receive death threats and see groups of people targetting someone like this for no reason.

You’ve done a good thing by blocking them. It’s better to not interact with them directly as it could feed their behavior. Reporting is also an important thing to do. Not enough people do it because these situations can feel pretty helpless, even for the authorities. Still it is important to report them so the police can also have a history of what’s happening.

We’re here to support you and cheer you up if the stress gets too much, @alexgamer_hameowlton. You’re not alone. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes for you tomorrow. :hrtlegolove:

Thank you. I’m deciding to go to the department on Sunday as I don’t have the motivation or energy to go today. I don’t want to look at the evidence or proof today as I’m having a bad no-bones day

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That’s a wise decision. Listening to yourself, respecting your limits. You got this. :hrtlegolove:

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