Hellllllooooo everybody

hello everyone!
i sorry i haven’t replied to any of you but i really appreciate all of your replies and i honestly am so glad that we all can be open with our experiences as women and also men obviously.
anyways just wanted to let you all know how grateful i am for everyone on this.
i’m doing well and i hope you all are too and even if you aren’t, come to me, we can talk :slight_smile:


Hi @anchor! :relaxed:
Thanks for this little love bump :heart: I’m new here and overwhelmed by how lovely and supportive you all are.

I’m glad you’re doing well! Check out this beautiful aussie bird!


extremely pretty bird aw

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@anchor morning thank you for saying hi and being supportive. Glad we are all a family. @Rick pulling you into a group hug. A positive hello a beautiful bird and a new day. I’m grateful for you both for this forum and everyone on here brave enough to share their pain and comfort others. I love this heart support family.


Hey @anchor, thank you for being so awesome! :partying_face: Take care!

@Rick: Gosh, so cuuute. :heart_eyes: