From youssefarhi: Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well - I have an addiction that I have been able to toss on the side today but it’s still present. I am finding myself spending a lot of money of webcam sites (cam girls) and escorts. I have discussed with my therapist, I have been able to restrain myself but then again, I am often home alone, lonely and I want distraction, pleasure.

I have been spending stupendous amount of money over the last 5 years, after the passing away of my maternal grandfather. I tried different things to cope but sex online (and with escorts) have been the ‘‘ones’’ that I felt safe. But now, I see that those are so detrimental, draining (financially and emotionally).

I have talked about this to my best friend and a girl from Russia (I met through Instagram)

I guess that my issues involve many things, but I would like to have assistance, people to talk with who might have been through the same thing or are still going through.

I welcome anyone who wouldn’t mind talking to me.

Thank you in advance,


Being alone is rough. Thanks for trusting us with this sharing. I can’t offer any grand advice. I can only speak for myself and it may not be relevant because I’ve been married for a long time.

When I was single, there was no Internet. However, all of my relationships, even those that failed, involved becoming good friends before getting physically intimate. I’m not sure the Internet has has been good for everyone. It’s become too easy and habit-forming to connect with serial and superficial relationships.

Have you considered registering with a wholesome dating site? It may be both less expensive and more productive.

Based on what you have written, it seems like you are ready to shift focus towards more meaningful relationships. I hope it works out for you.