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Hello everyone

Hello everyone.
I have made a commitment to never again touch any type of drug or self-harm ever again! I have been sober free from self-harm/ cutting for a year now. I have now been sober for five days now from the drug overdose . Aside from that I take my regular MEDs for my disability. But I have been sober free from the drugs that are not mine and everything. I have made this commitment, so that I do not end up dead. I have a life ahead of me and I have film school to complete! It will be a long recovery process for me, but I have a long life to live and death is no way to go for me. I am grateful that I have this life and that I will fulfill it with hope and I will make the commitment to become more positive and do more creative things in my life. I just can’t have any negativity in my life anymore. I must change the way I do things. So it will be a long recovery process for me, I will be attending support groups to help me get through this and I will continue to talk with my therapist. I will continue talking with my friends. Everyone cares for me. I wish I could take back what I did five days ago, but I cannot undo that. Now it is on to the road to recovery for me. I would like to help those who struggle with addiction with drugs and self-harm . I am thankful for each and every day that I live. I am grateful for this second chance that I was given. I am committed to making a change in becoming more positive in my life. I will not accept self-destruction in my life any longer. I cannot accept this pain any longer. I just want to be happy and to just live healthy. I am proud of this commitment that I am making now. I am proud that I am in film school. In time these wounds that I made will heal from this relapse. I hope to emotionally recover from this drug relapse. People care about me and so that is why I cannot accept destruction in my life any longer. I must change the ways in my life and that I have to get on to the road to recovery through support groups and through communicating with my friends and my therapist. I found that being destructive and negative in my life can be very toxic and it can lead to serious consequences… That is what almost ended my life from the Drug overdose. So I am making this commitment to change my life and start over. There is hope for others who feel hopeless and there is hope for people who feel like they want to give up and end their life. I was there five days ago, I made an attempt on my life from the overdose, but failed at it and I survived. You can have that hope too! You have a purpose in life!



The Spirit of Truth is with you.

Well, I have a sponsor now from AA/NA so this should help me along the way with the whole recovery process