Hello, Friends!

So I know I’ve been away for a while, but it was for all good reasons that I am happy to share with you all. I am moved into my new place. My fight for it was not in vain. The property manager told me as she was handing me my keys to be proud of myself because I fought from AUgust to December to get it My children are happy to be separated…Well the nine year old is happy to be separated from the two year olds. I am on the verge of working from home which means we can all be home with one another and I don’t have to send them off for long periods of time.

I am aiming to get my driver’s license. My test is scheduled and waiting for me…lol! So that’ll allow me to finally get my car away from my dad who has already had to take it to the shop several times because of the damage he caused to it. I’ve been happy, taking my meds like I am supposed to and started figuring out fixing my credit, getting off of probation, and trying to do something special for myself for my 30th birthday in June.

I have a social life now because of my new best friend. She’s a mom so I get to hang out with her and her girlfriend as well as allowing our sons to hang out together. Even our boys have the same interest and the twins love my best friend. I am strictly talking to a guy and it feels like it may lead to a healthy relationship. I’m not falling into the same old toxic relationships from before, and I have been happy being on my own.

I was so worried that I was going to make it to 30 still completely depressed about my life or that I wasn’t even going to make it to 30 at all. Now I know I have nothing to worry about and even if relationships fade or things start getting messy again, I know I can handle it. I’m confident that I can handle it.

Also I am still sober!!! 5M17D22H16m


Bravo!! Well done my friend! Sounds like the hard work is finally paying off! It shows a lot in a person who keeps fighting for what they want. Keep pushing! Much love💖


Oh.my.goodness. YES! Soooo many awesome news!! You’ve been crushing it! You’re absolutely amazing.

Congratulations for your home, for doing what’s needed for your driving license, your credit, the relationships AND your sobriety. Wow. You are truly inspiring, friend.

Thank you so much for sharing those updates! I’m so happy for you. :hrtlovefist: :hrtlegolove:

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I don’t think we’ve met, but I’m so happy to hear of your progress!

It sounds like you have made astounding progress and hearing about your new home, your friends, and how happy your children are makes me smile.

I am so so happy for you friend! Thank you for sharing!


This is all so awesome! I’m so happy to hear it and proud of you for turning away from your past and fighting for a better future! Congratulations!!!


Thank you all! I’m still over here handling business and still working on getting home. My boss is working against because he really wants me to stay in the office to continue helping and to get promoted eventually, but my family is my priority and with the recent pay raise, promotion does not feel necessary at all. I mean 12.50 on the weekdays and 15.50 on the weekends. That’s more than enough to make sure we are living comfortably. My driving test is on Thursday and my anxiety is through the roof. Not because I can’t drive but if anyone has ever had to do a maneuverability test then you know how stressful that is alone. If I can do the maneuverability without knocking over a cone then the rest will be easy. Please wish me luck on that!

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:crossed_fingers: I wish you the best for your driving test. You got this friend!

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