Hello i am bad

im sad. i have bpd. i am just mean to everyone. i realized recently that in a past relationship of mine, i was the problem. i didnt realize that before. when i get mad i just treat ppl awful. i dont know what to do. i just need someone to tell me that im seen and heard amd that i matter. and that things r going to be ok. cos i have been struggling for so so long. pls. i j need to not feel alone. thanks. bye :white_heart:


Hey Friend,

Guess what? You’re not alone. I have BPD as well and I’ve been pretty awful to people too when I’ve gotten mad. I see you 100%.

Are you in therapy? You can learn how to control your anger and how you treat people, you just have to learn some coping skills. That’s what I’ve been doing this past year and I’ve learned a lot.

You can get better, but it takes work and lots of practice. Did you know that BPD is the most treatable of all the personality disorders? You can even learn coping skills on your own by watching Doctors on YouTube like Dr. Fox. He’s amazing, I’ve learned a ton from him.

You’re not a bad person at all. You matter and are valued in this community!

Hi friend,
thank you for sharing and also for coming back to us.
have you considered a therapy for you ? that can help a lot like Mystrose mentioned. to manage and handle all
better. it all takes time and energy, but is worth it. for you. because you deserve that all.
you are not bad. you matter my friend, to your family and friends and to us. you are loved and you deserve that.
feel hugged. :purple_heart:

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Hi there,
I do hope that you can get into a programme, or do online research. Things may feel incredibly confusing and overwhelming at times, but we are here for you. It does require practice of the skills and a change to the way you approach things, but it’s hopeful, it wouldn’t always be this way.
I’m glad you’re here with us. BPD is tough, but it’s not hopeless. Real relief and happy moments will be possible. We all have our own set of painful memories and past actions we wish we could undo, it doesn’t make us bad people. We can learn and grow. We aren’t our pasts, nor our diagnoses or struggles.

You matter, you have worth simply by existing :slight_smile:

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Hey friend,

You are not bad. You are a human being who is trying to find their way to navigate raw emotions. Of course, treating others awfully is not something to do. But you are aware of it – even more, you understand where this stems from, the context behind it. It would only bring more pain and destruction to blame yourself and associate what is done to who you are. You have BPD, but you are not your BPD. Just like I have a major depression and generalized anxiety, it affects almost every part of my life, but it doesn’t define me as a person. Our struggles happen to be part of the obstacles we have in our life and have to learn to manage, so we can thrive and live closer to the life we aspire to get.

In itself, it takes a lot of strength and humility to reflect within the way you do. It’s a brave step to say “others frustrate me but maybe they’re not the problem actually”. BPD shapes the way you experience emotions that we are all meant to feel. But it is possible to learn to work on the way you respond to these emotions, little by little, and with the right support.

Do you have a support system in your life? Is anyone aware of your struggles? Are you currently helped by a professional? Just some questions to understand more your current life context, and get to know you better. Please don’t feel any obligation to respond if you don’t want to – it’s okay. Just know we see you here, we value you as you are beyond your struggles, and you don’t have to be alone while learning to get a grip on your struggles.

You’re loved. :hrtlegolove: