From nhdragon: I thought I would introduce myself I am a 43 y/o/man who struggles daily with stress, depression and/or anxiety. I live alone, have never been married, have no children and have a pet cat. I’m very introverted, but I really enjoy Twitch. I stream at times, but enjoy hanging out in fun streams and I mod for a few streamers as well. Most, pretty much all, of my social interactions, outside of my jobs, are done on Twitch. I work two jobs and still struggle financially, partially due to the economy, but really mainly due to due poor financial decisions that I’ve made in the past. I am currently on a waiting list to meet with a pysciatrist. I have a therapist, but therapy is no longer helping me. Anyway, I just wanted to send out a message to let anyone and everyone here know that I am available to talk if anyone ever needs to. I may not reply immediately due to work or other reasons, but you will most definitely get a response. Be well, stay safe and be well.


Welcome to heart support!

I appreciate that you are willing to be supportive of others even though you are struggling financially and emotionally.

I established a Twitch account but it’s been so long since I’ve been there, I can’t remember my username.

It sounds like you have a lot to contribute here.