Help. I could be potentially blackmailed

I just got out of a toxic relationship two days ago and now he’s threatening to release my nudes and I’m fucking terrified.
He’s fully aware of the fact that I have bad mental health and will most likely take my own life if they were released. he doesnt care.
(keep in mind, we’re both minors,he is 16 yrs old)
I thought of police, but I don’t have his exact address
what can I do? please help.


If there is no way of resolving the situation by talking to him and asking him to delete them, then I would probably go to the police. Even if you don’t have his exact address the police should have the resources to locate him.

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okay so I did notify the cops, but they said they need the exact location or they wouldn’t be able to find the other person

Ouch: that must be a tough situation.
Just remember that if he releases the nudes, he has literally distrusted child pornography, and then the police definitely won’t just shrug it off.
Keep hope, bud :slight_smile:


blackmail is illegal in many states. tell him you’re going to be getting a lawyer and contacting his parents soon to be taking him to court and see what he does then. of course this is just a bluff and you don’t have to actually get a lawyer or anything unless needed


Hemlo friend,

Which platform did this happen on? If it was Discord, please head over to to report it and then let police know that it had happened in that platform and that they can collaborate with them to obtain location data.



I have been blackmailed before as well:/ Not the same situation as you but I know how stomach wrenching it feels. It may feel like you are trapped but stay strong. If he does release them go back to the police. If you have contact him still, be sure to tell him that’s what you will be doing if he does not stop. Hang in there. I know how stressful this is.

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Pretend to be someone else and lure him to give his address. Or ask someone to doxx him for you so u can call police on him. Either way as long as you know who he is, whether he does it or not he’s going to jail. Actually, police can find his location just by looking at his social media. Just tell them his accs they’re knock on his door.

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Yea they’ll give him a felony. If he’s that stupid he’s gonna have a fun time getting fucked in prison.

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thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll definitely try this out. thank you so much

I would rather not tell anyone else about this, but if it comes to that, I will do it. thank you for taking the time to reply friend :slightly_smiling_face:

that’s definitely an option. hopefully he’ll back down. thanks :slight_smile:

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It seems odd. If they have his phone number they should have the technology to track that down to the location. Who knows. I hope it all works out try your best to stay safe we are all here for you. I hope he gets cought by the cops before potentially releasing them🖤

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We used to talk over discord. and so I did not know his number D:

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