Help I’m drowning in a sea of self hatred

I am going to school to get my vet tech degree but have many mental health issues and anxiety issues, I feel like I don’t belong here.


i know the feeling maybe if u want to study something else then that can help find something that motevaits u



It can be so brutal to feel like you’re trying to follow your passion but get sidelined by all of these anxious thoughts…and to feel like even when you should feel in the middle of the #1 place where you belong – surrounded by people who care as much about animals as you do – to feel like you’re completely out of place, like a fraud…it’s a terrifying feeling, because if you don’t belong here – where do you belong? It can be an incredibly isolating train of thought to follow, and anxiety tends to push you down those roads faster than you can even keep track of.

I remember being in college and feeling like I was a fraud too. Feeling like everyone else had this confidence and this surety about who they were and what they were wanting to do…feeling like every day I was falling behind and becoming more and more irrelevant and displaced from the future where maybe one day I would matter… You are surely not alone in the way you are feeling. I have been there myself.

And it’s so good that you decided to open up about it because when you talk about these things, we can remind each other of the truth: you do belong. This is your passion. These people, even if they aren’t perfect and even if you have reason to believe you don’t belong, aren’t here to cut you down. And if they are it’s just out of their own insecurity, which honestly, just makes all the more reason why you would fit in! Because you aren’t the only person who can feel terrified in their own skin at times. You belong. You are capable. You are brilliant. You are creative. You are resourceful. You are worthy. You are loved. You are qualified. You belong.

That’s the truth :slight_smile:

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Hey @DogMomAF93,

Thank you for sharing and being here. :heart:

Even if you are struggling with mental health issues or anxiety, you belong where your dreams are. It’s absolutely awesome to go to school with the goal of having a vet tech degree! I can only imagine how interesting that kind of studies can be.

Even if you don’t feel confident right now, you can always work on your issues and how to handle it over time. Surround yourself with all the help you need. You don’t have to deal with this alone and others can be of great help, whether it’s to cheer you up or help you in your learnings.

You’re doing great! You’ll get there, friend. Please, don’t diminish yourself. You are worthy and you’ve got many qualities. Hold on to what motivates you. Having a passion and personal goals can be incredibly powerful. It will help you to overcome the obstacles you may have to face all along the road.

Hold fast. :heart: