Help I’m numb

I don’t know what to do. I feel numb I don’t feel anything anymore I feel like what’s the point of continuing. I have no more emotions is what it feels like. I take a shower and I curl up in a ball and cry. My husbands mad because I don’t want to be intimate I just don’t have the willpower to anymore. I love him don’t get me wrong it’s just something in me isn’t getting rid of the funk and now it’s affecting others. I’m too the point of what’s the point anymore like really what else is going to happen I’m just waiting for it. I have no friends to talk too or hangout I’m stuck inside the same walls everyday I’m just so done. I need help I feel like I can’t feel anymore.


Hello my friend,

I don’t know exactly what you’re going throught, or the problems you’ve been dealing with.

And I don’t know you personally, but from what I can see here you are someone that has been going throught a lot and is very strong.

I understand you, life is hard. So many problems fall on us, mostly by surprise, but just remember that you are a strong person and no problem should pull you back from living.
Life is difficult, but it is worth it. And no matter how hard it is right now, problems are only temporary.

  • You can do it, you’re not alone.
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From: tromboness

I hate the feeling of just existing. With pretty much all my social outlets being cancelled, I’ve lost my sense of purpose. I hate waiting for better days. I don’t know what steps you can take to make better days, but you are not alone. Hold Fast. You are Loved.

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From: ramjamnutslam

speaking from experience, I go through this many times a year. what I do is try to find a simple hobby to add something new into my life so I feel some sort of accomplishment from learning something new. try coloring or drawing! maybe frisbee golf if that’s near you! try to not do the same exact thing every day cuz you’ll stop feeling good from doing things that you used to get happy feelys from


From: sarahtheproud

thank you for sharing. i have felt that numbness plenty of times. usually mine comes with giving my all and not receiving much back. i start “pouring from an empty cup” so to say. everything then turns off and it leaves me feeling like i’m not good enough because i can’t fathom how i feel because i’ve given all i have. i hardly have anything left for myself most of the time. i hope this helps. love you <3 stay strong


Being numb freaking sucks, and it’s frustrating because people that want to help you often take it as you just don’t trust them, or you don’t want to talk to them when they ask what’s wrong, or if you want to talk, and you say “i dont know”. I think, we need to learn that in the moments we’re numb, we need to be honest with the people who are checking in on us because if you just brush them off, or start arguing with them when they try to help, it can cause strain and hurt. I know in that moment you don’t care about anything, but after it passes, you will, and the guilt that comes from what you did in those moments can really really suck. So, have you spoken about this with you husband? I think if you were honest with him, he would be there to help you. You can get through this. You will.

Hold Fast


From: erin1531

I was there not too long ago. The only thing that can pull me out of it is nature. Get outside. Bare feet in the grass and just soak in the sun. Even just 15 minutes will be beneficial. I promise you that you aren’t alone.


From: creakylatches

i’m so sorry you’re going through this. that floating life feeling can be a horrible trap to break out of. at some of the darkest parts of my life, i felt like leaving the house was impossible. one thing that helped a lot was to just open the door and stand in the doorway for 10 minutes every morning. eventually i went to sit in the yard, started going to the store, etc. but for me, it all started by standing in the doorway for just 10 minutes.


From: djamber_d

I’m sorry you feel this way. A great method I teach is called “make your bed”. Make your bed in the morning and the brain gets a dopemine release from the reward system in the brain. This will encourage and motivate you to complete more small goals throughout the day. Try it. It really works x

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Hold fast