Help Me I can't take it anymore

hi I’m just new here…I really am so tired of my everyday experiences…Why am I so useless…worthless…ugly…undeserving…why does everyone hate me. My only intention is to help and nothing else…I don’t want anything in return…I am only 14 years old sorry if you guys think I’m over thinking or over reacting but I really can’t take it anymore…all of a sudden I just want to disappear…sometimes I am imagining my self…I’m in a casket laying down peacefully without anyone there to mourn…or maybe when I die that’s when I will see If someone really do care about me…what if I just kill myself to see if someone loves me or cares about me…HELP ME I REALLY CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE…every single day I carry all the burden by myself…I have no one to burst out all my problems…my parents think I am over reacting or over thinking but I don’t think they understand me…both of them had a wonderful childhood and I am getting the worst of it please I really need someone…someone who can understand…someone who will listen…someone who will take me as who I am…I am so tired of pretending…pretending that I am okay…happy…or have a perfect life…everything I show are all a mask…I am so tired…I want to end this…

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Please don’t give up. Please don’t give up. You have worth. I am sorry things are difficult right now. Things will get better with time.

Hey @Loui,

Welcome here. :heart: This is a safe place and you can come here anytime.
I wish I could have said this in better circumstances for you but I’m glad you’re here and decided to open up about what’s going on. It’s very brave of you to do so. So thank you so much for being here.

Since you wrote this message yesterday, I hope you’re doing okay right now. It sounds that you were very stressed when you sent it and I know it can be difficult to think straight in this kind of situation. It feels like everything is accelerating and your mind is getting crazy. So I really hope you were able to get some rest after that and you didn’t hurt yourself.

You are not useless, worthless, ugly nor undeserving. We all tend to think about ourselves like we’re nothing sometimes but that’s not true. You’re struggling and you’re in pain. So if you feel like everyone hates you, know that you’ve just entered in a community where people love you and care about you sincerely. Whatever you’re going through and no matter how you see yourself. Deep inside, you know you’re so much more than what you think. And yes, sometimes it hurts to accept the fact that you’re loved, that you’ve got worth. So that’s what we can do here: to remind you this.

You matter. You’re not over-thinking or over-reacting. That’s just how you feel and I respect that entirely. I care about you right now. I read what you wrote and I’m concerned by it.

Dying is not a solution. You don’t have to go to this extreme to see that people actually care about you and that you’re not alone. You didn’t share the details about what’s going on. What’s the burden you’re carrying on your shoulders. I have no doubt it’s heavy and you feel overwhelmed. Feel free to share about what’s going on here. You don’t have to pretend anything. Be who you are. Get rid of the mask you’re used to wear because you don’t need it. We’re here to listen, but it won’t be possible if you don’t stay with us. So please if you read this, come back and let us help as much as we can.

Hang in there. You are not alone. :heart: