Help me I'm tired!

I started masturbating at the age of 9 years old and now I’m 20… This addiction has a hold on my life now… I believe it spiraled out of control after my 3rd rejection, since then I have been afraid of women… Talking to them, looking at them even standing next to them is difficult. Just recently I was sitting next to a girl in a cab and I got somewhat a panic attack, I couldn’t breath, I was sweating and when I eventually came out I felt nauseous, this is the second time it happened… And I can’t study without thinking of masturbating and when I do I would feel too tired to study. Is it my addiction that is causing this… How do I stop because I’m willing to do so… And will these panic attacks stop, because I don’t want to be afraid of women for the rest of my life… PLEASE HELP

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Hello, my name is Matt and I just wanted to send some words of affirmation here.

I hear you and was trapped in this addiction myself for a long time. Hope is there for sure my friend.

Hoffman, this may be a hard time now and has been for a long time it sounds like but you have a support system right here.

You are not alone in this and you are loved.

Maybe think of an action plan when these thoughts starts arise.

Any close friends that can help hold you accountable?

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