Help me please

i have no idea why but whenever i try to do anything at my school the kids start to discourage me and i’m starting to lose my old self i was diagnosed with depression and was never told what kind but im in choir and am to the point where i want to quit i have been acused of saying that im going to stab or harm someone by someone who i have tried to DAMN HARD to be freind’s with and it is just starting to kill me inside please tell me what to do its driving me insane

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honestly, fuck them. people are gonna b dicks or worse but if u let them see they’re hurting you they will do it more. its messed up but true. they got nothing on you. fuck them

  • tyler

but it get to me so easily, it hurts me so bad and i thought that one of them were my friend and that they were going to be there for me but at the same time it would hurt me to leave choir kinda like if you took out a chunk of your… soul? i guess but it still kinda hurts

Hi Grey,

Man, that’s so tough. Kids at school can be so harsh and they don’t even realize the damage they are causing. I’m so sorry that you are having to go through that. All through my school years I was often bullied and treated in the same way. I know how hard that battle is to face.

I know reaching out for help can be very difficult but I think it’s important that you reach out to your teachers, principle and school counselors. Let them know what all is going on so that they can help you.

Don’t leave choir if it’s something you enjoy my sweet friend. Don’t let these kids take something from you that means something to you. The best course of action is to reach out for help. You are important and of value, despite how these kids may make you feel. You matter. You don’t deserve to be forced out of choir.

I hope that things get better for you and that you find strength to reach out so someone of authority can offer some guidance in the situation.

Sending you love.

  • Kitty

thx man it realy helps

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Of course. Always glad to listen. Know that you can also join us on discord and in stream if you need to be around a positive space. <3

Hold Fast <3