Help on world mental health day

Hi all,

We will be having a lot of people post on the Support Wall through Instagram on World Mental Health Day.

If you want to be able to reply to those topics from the forum and have us automatically post those messages to the original poster on Instagram, you need to sync an Instagram account with your forum account.

→ Follow Instructions and Sync Here ←

Instructions are below the “Connect with FB” button.

Note: I know that a lot of people don’t like social media. Personally, I’ve been off it since 2017, so I’m with you. But I want to help people who use it, so I created “ghost accounts” on IG and FB so that I could write replies! Consider doing this to participate with us on World Mental Health Day!


PS - reply with questions

PPS - you’ll know if you did it correctly if your username shows up on this group


I tried all of the steps but stuck on a virtually empty Porter web page with the text " Choose your supporter account
Choose the account you would like to register with"
with no options to choose from whatsoever

Emailed you back about this error, but posting it here so that anyone who has a similar error will know how to proceed:

If you arrive at the “Choose your supporter account” page with no options, it means that there isn’t a Facebook business page connected to your Facebook profile that is connected to your instagram business page