Help with deciding over women

i need to have help with deciding over 2 women both of them different distances apart one is almost 300 miles away the other is 6000 miles apart


Hey @Wolfdragongaming,

Thank you so much for being here. :heart: In the end the decision will be yours, and I think it would be hard to give any advice or share experiences as we can lack of context regarding your situation. But if you want to share a little more about it, you are more than welcome to do so. How did you meet them? What is your situation with both of them right now? How do you feel about the situation? It will be probably helpful for people who’ll read your post, and for you to receive the support you need. Just to initiate a more in-depth conversation, as relationships can be very subtle and complex. <3

i met one of them online and the other i met in person while her mother was alive

Prolly go for the one uk isn’t a catfish

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