Help with feeling productive as a disabled person

I’m kinda looking for ways to feel like I’m just not being a lazy pile of shit alot of the day I don’t have many chores to do everyday seeing how I live with others and I’m often not of the energy or motivation to create I don’t have any real source of income and I can’t really have a steady stream of it since I’m seeking disability and I’m trying to make sure I get it since I can’t work do to my anxeity


Hi @Derpplup

When I started my disability, I was so bored and felt like you do. My mother suggested creating a routine to follow thru out the day. It could be something like getting out of bed, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, doing chores, doing an activity that you like, a hobby, a walk etc. You can mix it up each day too.

I went on disability in 2007 and having a routine has really helped to fill my days.

I hope you found this helpful :rose:

So my friend I read your post and thought I needed to reply because not only have I gone through this but I was in a place where working was not possible for me. I am thankful that at the time I had some support and some funds that where given to me from grandparents. But what I did was I started making things with my skills in terms of sewing and such. I know that for me structure was key. I also had so many doctors appointments that I didnt really have time for a job. Once I was approved tho it made up for it. I am also going to say that it is stressful. There is a lot they are looking for and to determine the need for having to be on disability over having a job. Something I did was set plans ahead of time. So for example where I live it is super hot so I couldnt always do this but like say alright today I am working on this skill with my dog (I train dogs as a hobby and allow people who need help to help if they can or want too). But finding those kinds of things can really help the time past volunteering for example. I am legally blind so like that made it much more of a trick for me but I did find things like taking buses or care of my animals to places each day.

What are things you enjoy doing right now. Not sure what type of disability you have but I have both health, physical, and mental so I was like hmm lets share a range of it. I am here if you need more support.

Ash (Disabledmetalfan)

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