Help with sleep

I have so much trouble sleeping. I have tried sleeping pills, and they just never worked for me. Always woke up so groggy and exhausted.
I have been giving meditation a try. But just at bedtime. I do the body scan meditation. I followed a guided meditation (through my Fitbit app) at first, and I am trying it on my own now.
Basically you lie on your bed, get comfortable. Make sure you won’t be distracted (no TV!) Relax your body from head to toe. I do this by tensing each area for a count of 3, and then releasing. Just concentrating on my body keeps my thoughts from racing.
By doing this I have been able to get a couple nights of good sleep. Still a work in progress, but it’s still progress.


Hey @ScoobyinWY,

That is great to hear this guided mediation has provided some relief for you! Progress is most definitely progress! I hope with time it will be easier and help continue to give you good rest!

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It’s so good to hear that body scan meditations are helpful for you. There are so many ways to approach meditation, and not all of them would be what we need at the moment. Such a good thing that you’ve decided to try this one! I hope this will be the beginning of a long-term and very useful practice for you. A good sleep is so important. :heart:

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