Help with some questions I have about alters and did

Tonight my friend told me they thought they had d I d and I hung out with one of his alters and I just have so many freaking questions cuz I find it very interesting as someone who dosent have it and I mean that in the most respectful way possible and I just wanna support him and his system cuz he means alot to me and wanna be the best friend I possibly can be so if anyone who reads this and is part of a system please give me tips I don’t wanna come off as a jerk to them thank you in advance and if any of my terms in this are wrong I’m sorry I’m just using the words we used together tonight sorry if I have offended any one


What kind of questions do you have? Also you did just fine with the terms :+1:
Tips I can give are to just be comfortable with them, don’t freak out when suddenly they switch and seem different, try to figure out which one it is, but always ask first to make sure.
Make sure not to trigger an alter to front. Every system has triggers that cause an alter to immediately front whether they want them to or not, so it’s best to ask and make sure you don’t accidently trigger that.
Each alter is very different in age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and species. They can be alive or dead, they can even be Gods. So be sure to keep an eye on that like with littles because if they front someone will need to keep an eye on them and you will have to watch your filter around them.
Another thing that could help is researching all the terms so you have an idea of what things mean. I have a link to that right here:

If you have any other questions feel free to ask ^~^


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