Here’s the update

So thank you to everyone who’s been there and offering support to me. I appreciate it. I had my posts out to private because of concerns about my parents. They went looking for things and thankfully bc of the lovely mods they didn’t find anything.
So I’ll try to make this as short as possible.
After I came back from the attempt and going away the first time, things weren’t great. There was a lot of tension mostly between me and my mother. My dad started backing off again, but my mother convinced him that going away again is what would have to happen. Or like idk maybe it was just him giving in to her. She’s someone who gets what she wants.

Anyway, I was on the way to leave again and along the way requested a stop to use the bathroom and ran. I was gone for like two days and made my way back to my family’s house bc really I didn’t know what else to do.
Ig the tensions finally surfaced and my mother lost her absolute mind. There was screaming and throwing things. My dad finally stepped in and lost his absolute mind back at her. Basically told her that he was sick of being this way and was mad that she wasn’t glad that I came back safe. He told me to go get some clothes and meet him in the car. It was quite a wait, but then he came out and we took off. He didn’t say anything for ages and now we have been staying at his sister and her family’s house.
I’m kind of feeling like shit for causing all this in the first place. Like I messed their marriage or relationship. I haven’t really spoken much to dad about what’s going on or tries to press my luck with the “so… I’m still gay” thing. And that was way longer than it was meant to be.


So GLAD to hear from you and that’s you’re safe and that your dad has your back finally.

It sounds like your dad chose to do what’s best for you, and to not give in to your mom like he’s used to. You didn’t cause any problems, you didn’t affect their marriage. Your dad sounds like he made a choice and a decision for what he thought needs to be done.

I hope that you can get some good proper rest and just have you body and mind recover and relax. Thanks for the update, great to see it!


From: Lisalovesfeathers

hey friend, Thank you for your post, I need to start by saying that coming from divorced parents it is never ever the childs fault when parents separate or divorce. Your parents are in a grown up realationship and make choices with or without you and would do so whether you were there or not so please do not ever blame yourself or take on any guilt with regards to that. You have had to and are coping with a great deal and taking on responsabilitly for more isnt necessary. I for one am so pleased that your dad had your back on this occasion, I am glad he removed you from a toxic situation where you can have some peace for a change, I really do not like the thought of you running away, its not safe, I hope where you are is a good place that you are comfortable in. Im sure in time you can talk to your dad about what happened but in the meantime dont worry about that, he can talk to your mum when he feels the time is right and if they choose to sort it out they can, you focus on you, your health and well being and most importantly your happiness because you deserve to be happy. It is lovely to hear from you and I hope things are now going to improve for you. Much love Lisa xx


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, KodaKom! I am really glad that you returned home safe and even more relieved that your dad has started getting his priorities straight.
Your safety and well-being should always be number one for parents and I am really glad that he has come to realise that as well. It sounds like he is finally starting to stand up to your mother and that is wonderful that he is focusing on what he cares about more than just going along with her. I think that that is what led to him taking you away from her.

Regardless of what happens between your parents right now I want to echo Sita’s thoughts that their relationship is 100% not your responsibility. Whatever happens between them has nothing to do with you and is all about them and what they care about.

I hope things go well at your aunt’s house and I hope that this incident can be a learning experience for everyone in your family and will be a positive catalyst for you all moving forward.

I wish you all the luck in the world and I look forward to reading another update from you whenever you wish to share again. You are an amazing and strong person and everything will work out. I truly believe that :hrtlegolove:


Thank you and thank everyone for your support. I know this is an awful situation for my dad and for my mother. Like I do wish they could at least be happy even if it means they aren’t together.
I haven’t seen my mother since we left or personally spoken to her. She doesn’t want to talk to me which is fine and I understand why.
I hope things start looking up from here