Hey again everyone

Eh so hi … wow it’s been awhile. Me and my mum have been moved away from my dad for a year now . Things have definitely improved but as always other problems have arose . I can safely say my dad has changed , I used to despise him but now see he is not a toxic person but he was a toxic person in that situation . I will never ever forgive him for the years and years of mental and physical abuse he put us through but I am willing to give him a chance to be part of my life . Having divorced parents is harder than I thought , my mum gets mad when I go see my dad and mad if I don’t , if I go see him she screams that I like him better than her and that I should live with him ect . It’s started to make me really upset , she was the one who convinced me to still see him in the first place! Oh god I’m not sure Xx all in all things could be better , the thought of going back to school and friends and family drama is just too much, Ive started seeing a counciler but not much has changed xx


I am sorry you are going through alot. Glad things are getting better. It seems really hard to not know where your mom stands in all this. Im really sorry. Is there anyway you could talk to your mom about how her words effect you? Seems like a lot to try to please her. Hope you can continue to fight for you and things get better. Please remember that therapy can take time and it’s okay. Something that has helped me is to take it slow. To know I don’t have to cry or feel deep emotions every session. That I don’t have to talk about things I’m ready about. For me it’s been speaking up if something makes me uncomfortable and figure out what I’m wanting to get out of the sessions. That if something doesn’t work it doesn’t make me a failure to try something differently. Rooting for you. Keep reaching out and try to give yourself grace in this time of transition. You don’t have to go through this alone. Thanks for posting.

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I may not understand your circumstances, but I’m glad you are doing better. It takes time to forgive someone. Don’t let hatred, bitterness, anger, pride get the best of you. Just take it easy one day at time. Thank you for update.