From matteo131: hey guys it’s rough right now and i could honeslty just use some nice and encouraging messages please :heart_hands:


From Emzillah: Keep your chin up for tomorrow is a new day. Things are tough right now but you’re full of so much strength so don’t forget :purple_heart:

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Napoleon Hill what’s said, “every adversity carries within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” I’m not sure if I agree with that 100%, but in my life, that’s been mostly true. Going through tough times prepares us to more fully embrace and appreciate better times.

Hey Matteo. Just reading your message today and wanted to send some love your way. You are seen, you are heard. Whatever it is that you are struggling with right now: you will get through it. You will be okay. There is more to this life, there are better times ahead and beautiful memories to create. You have the strength to keep going, keep trying, and to care for yourself. I believe in you and am rooting for you.

From Wolfter: DOn’t let anyone tell you what you’re not worth it!
You are worth so much more! :people_hugging:

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Strong words, Wolfter. If someone causes you hurt, their words don’t need to be a part of your life or of the way you define yourself. Sometimes people will miss out on your own beauty – it is their loss only. You have worth and value, always.

From Siddhartha: from whence come the highest mountains? I once asked. And I learned that they came out of the sea. The evidence is written on their peaks and in their valleys. So it is out of the deepest of depths that the highest must come to its height.