Hey i feel like a prisoner during this lockdown period ...plz help...SOS

Hello there , myself Pinaky Ballav Kotoky…Im from Assam, India and im studying law. I think right now im in depression .
You know like every other countries our country too are in lockdown. Before lockdown my life was preety much…I got lot of achievements, i went on a date for the first time. Even in the very beginning of lockdwon i wasn’t sad. I still had hope that it would soon and by the end of the month August i will be able to go to my collge . But now it September and it is not reopened. I lost my hope. And you know i hate online classes. Cuz it is not beneficial and my mates with whom i did fun right now they seem like illusion within my smartphone. Im spending my days within my house .It feels im in cage and doing exact things over and over again and again… its crazy.
And you know it is ok to say “stay home stay” but what can i do if my home is like a hell. My dad is alcoholic and he sometimes verbal abuse me , insult me…in my childhood i have seen domestic violence with my mom. Now due to that reason my got angry with me in some time. And my dad hate that my passion towards metal music . I sing English songs and play metal riffs in my acoustic. And i really wanna by a jakson elctric guitar . But cannot buy it by my own cuz im still studying and indian people never do job when they study ,they do job after completing study. On the other hand i cannot say to my dad cuz i know he wont buy me that. And i feel i really need it and i think i improved my guitar during this cage situation of lockdown. But though i have that talent or i can improve my talent , but still im deprived .


Hey friend! I know how hard it can be to be stuck inside to feel like all of the good things that were happening have been put on hold with no sign of when they will start up again. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be combined with having a really difficult and unfair home life. It’s not fair that. your parents don’t treat you with the love and respect that you deserve. YOu deserve to be loved and supported.

I think that if you spend some time in this community and especially on our twitch stream at twitch.tv/heartsupport you’ll find some people who love and support you!

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Hey there, thank you for reaching out. It shows strength. As Taylor said before me it is really unfair that you’re in a situation that you don’t deserve. I think it’s awesome that you enjoy playing music and doing metal riffs even on an acoustic! I know it sucks that you feel like things are just kind of put off to the side right now. But think about how much you’ll be able to appreciate the little things as the lockdown starts lifting. You are welcome in this community. You are wanted in this community. As stated above check out twitch.tv/heartsupport and you’ll find some really awesome videos and groups of people.

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You will overcome your trials one by one. God is with you and for you because He loves you.

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