Hey there just give it read nothing else

I’m 24 years old boy, from last few weeks I am having panic attacks during night time also I am suffering from DPDR. I don’t know who the heck I am, where I am and what I am doing although I do everything normally still I don’t feel anything plus am emotionally numb now. Life is quite tragic now :sob::sob:. I don’t know if this will get over or not but I know I had a lot of plans, dreams for my life and my parents loved me unconditionally but everything seems meaningless now and nobody understands me and my gf also left coz she couldn’t take this all


I’m going through something similar too. I will be praying for that what you are going through will end soon, and that you will realize that you are loved greatly and that you do have a purpose.


Thanks buddy , I know things will get better but you know this all sucks and at times becomes hard to keep going


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