From Cats: Hi, at my school, there are people that are racist, sexist, and very rude in general. Recently almost all of my friends back stabbed me, and since then I didn’t really have anyone to talk to. The only friend that I had is currently on a week trip to Mexico, so I really don’t have anyone to talk or count on. There are also many people that have to deal with these problems at my school, just like me. Is there any way I can change this and make not just me, but many other people feel better?


Cats, I hate that things have been rough for you and others at your school. It’s never okay to be rude or poke at people for who they are or what they look like, but it seems to be the way of things in many schools. Those feelings of being betrayed, unloved, unvalued are difficult when you don’t think you have anyone around who you can talk to honestly. And that is rough. I’m sorry you are experiencing that.

There is something I see in you though - that’s care and compassion. You don’t just talk about your experience and your pain. You are noticing and concerned about the same in others who are going through this too. That’s really big and it’s something that shines with hope and purpose. So let me ask, is it possible to make friends with some of the others who are experiencing the same thing you are? Building a new network of friends if possible could open up possibilities for combatting the negativity at your school. Another thing - is there any anti-bullying group(s) at your school? If not, is there a counselor or teacher you feel comfortable talking to about this? It could be a pathway to making things better.

Know that your voice is heard. Please come back and let us know how things are going for you. You matter my friend.


Hey Cats,

It is so very brave and kind of you to not only reach out for yourself, but also in order to help others who are in the same situation. Facing loneliness and rejection at school is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and it breaks my heart knowing that this is what you’ve been going through lately. It truly hurts when you put your trust in someone yet one day their behavior change and they seem to not want to share life with you anymore. At school, a lot of unfair things are at play and as Mamadien said so very well, it’s never okay to be rude to someone, even more to express racist or sexist ideas. This only creates division.

I don’t know if you can change the situation itself just on your own – it sounds like something pretty big and out of your control. When someone hurt someone else, they often do it because they are themselves hurting. But realizing this and learning to behave differently is their responsibility, not yours. Although in this situation you can probably make sure to take care of yourself and lean on the support of people you trust (inside and outside school, young or adults). Are you in touch with your friend who’s on a trip? Is it possible to still interact and have some space with them to talk about it/share how you feel? Otherwise, could it be eventually possible to talk to your parents, a teacher or school counselor about what’s going on?

You obviously have a big, caring heart and I hope this situation will resolve with peace, wisdom and love. Make sure to be your own priority for now, even though your intentions are really good and powerful. <3

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Hi Cats!
Can I tell you something? I absolutely love this post because even in the face of things that are cruel and unfair, you want to protect others hearts. I think that is so incredibly admirable. And I am wildly proud of you for having the desire to help others feel better. What I learned from my own experiences with these things in school was that I can love others better because of it! Going out of your way to show kindness and concern for others in the face of all the negativity is so important. I hope that you will continue to love on people and show concern for them. I’m so glad that you posted here and I’m so proud of you for helping others!

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From: Who.is

Some how it feels like there are so many people who bring all this negativity into such a small area. It can be so hard to see the trail of hurt they leave behind. In some cases it’s the good old “hurt people hurt people”. I heard that a
H A T E R is a person with their H E A R T all jumbled up. Sometimes the best defender against cruelty is kindness to others who have been the victims of it. By the looks of it your heart is so big and caring. That example and that kindness may affect more people than you’ll realise. Cruelty can wound the soul, but kindness can move mountains. Being able to show others who are hurting that there is someone who cares about them brings healing.


Hi Cats,
thank you for sharing. i feel so sorry to hear all of that, what you have to experience these days.
first of all, it is so lovely to see someone so encouraging and questioning what is actually happening in your school
around yourself. be proud of yourself, only a few i would imagine are doing this.
life is unfair, it is sadly like that. what you can do, what is never wrong is:
treat others like you want to be treated.
the right people, will be coming back to you, the right people will be at your side when you need them, and not turn
on you when you are not there.
this will take time, in school we all grow, we all learn, we all are still developing.
stay the way you are, that is awesome. you are loved and you matter my friend :purple_heart:
feel hugged


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Cats, Im Lisa, I would like to start by saying what a lovely post you have written, I am so sorry that you have had some unpleasant things happen to you lately, that in not fair and I am certain that you did not deserve it at all. Sadly there are both some unkind people in the world and some kind people that have been given some unkind beliefs to follow both of which cause upset to many but both of which can also be changed. You my friend are a light in this world, you sound like such a kind and caring person and whatever is around you the best way to be is to never change that, show others that kindness always wins, I think that is how you can help and you are doing that already so well. I am incredibly proud of you and anytime you need extra support you can come here and lean on us. Thank you again for being you. Much Love Lisa.x

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Cats, thank you for sharing here. That sounds like such a challenging environment. Since you’ve asked for suggestions, I would like to help brainstorm a little. Have you considered starting a school group that raises awareness of such issues?

From Cats: Hello, I appreciate your interest in this.
As of today, me and another classmate have now made the club, and that one classmate that decided to help me with this, is student council for the year, she’d said she’ll suggest this to the school asap. We have now finished a letter to the school principal that we will be sending possibly tomorrow. Things are looking GREAT! We now have plans for raising money and making special event, if we get accepted by our school. I’ll try to update you more, since all of you seem interested :sweat_smile:

Thank you and ttyl!

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From ManekiNeko: That’s so great to hear cats! Really proud of you for stepping up and doing/ being involved with something like this! Thank you so much for the update

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Hello Cats,

Thank you for sharing this amazing news! It’s incredible to hear that you’re working to fix the issues that you’ve been facing and is truly commendable that you wish to help others in this way. You are clearly such a caring, wonderful individual and I truly appreciate your efforts here.

Thank you again for sharing with us and for everything you’re doing. Please keep in touch; we’d love to hear more as things progress.

<3 Tuna

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Hi there Cats,

the club that you have made is amazing! Is it more around ending bullying in your school? If so, that’s amazing, schools that have clubs like these (what I find) have less bullying, and better connection with peers, and they often talk way more. I hope that your club does get accepted!

sincerely, Shpdqw


Thats actually really good and lucky that your friend let you join a club. I hope those raicist people will stop soon.