From mcuqueen26: Hi everyone lately I’ve been feeling off like I’m not feeling like my normal usual self I’m having outbursts and getting aggressive with my sister but not only I’ve noticed that I’ve also been feeling distant lately and isolated like I did back in 2011 before being diagnosed with major severe depression idk if I’m having a meltdown or I really don’t know what is happening with me I’ve just not been feeling like my normal self and it worries me that I could or might go to a dark place I was once in when I was 14 I’m now 26 and I honestly have to thank Big Time Rush IYKYK their music calms me down and helps me relax but still I’ve been feeling off :pleading_face::sob:


From ManekiNeko: Hey, thanks for sharing! It can certainly feel a little worrisome feeling something is off or noticing that something is changing inside you.
I know for me personally it can be an indication that I need to check in with my dr and have a chat about what stressors are happening. It could be that I’m extra stressed and nervous about a situation, or it could be that we need to have a chat about other things like medications or what my current lifestyle is looking like.

Those small little changes can take a load off, especially being able to put a name to the things that are causing this disruption

From mcuqueen26: I don’t talk to my therapist for another two weeks and it’s always times like that i I start feeling off idk why but recently I’ve been majorly stressed out because the landlord wants to throw a huge quinceañera on her property and she doesn’t seem to understand she’s renting out the guest house where my sister,dad,& I are living in and than they’re renting out the trailer in the back part of their property to this couple but the landlord wants us to let strangers in the house to use the bathroom one my dad is handicapped he can’t get up fast enough to go to bathroom to do his business second of all my dad’s blood pressure will randomly drop low or go up even if he’s just relaxing my sister is his caretaker and if something happened while the party was going how would the ambulance and police get through a dirt road filled with more than 100 cars also complete strangers we don’t know are going to be asking to use the bathroom every few minutes why doesn’t the landlord rent portable bathrooms for the time being of the party plus not only that I want to be able to relax not have to monitor people that I don’t know in the house another thing this landlord has been a big mess since my dad and sister moved in April if 2019 Than i moved in October of 2019 she and her husband would accuse us for supposedly touching her husband’s gardening stuff we don’t touch what not our whole point is the lady is old and senile and should be put in a nursing home she is so paranoid if she’s so paranoid people are going to touch her husband’s stuff and accuse tenants why rent out the two houses in the first place simply could’ve said no but no it stresses me out she doesn’t understand the meaning of invasion of privacy and no is no but she loves getting up in peoples faces like she’s asking to get tackled down she’s also asking for extra money besides the money we play for the rent and utilities she wants us to pay for bills in her name sadly I share the same name with her :woman_facepalming:t2: