Homeless, Trauma, Potential harm to myself

I’m thinking of self harming / committing/attempting suicide. 2 Hospitals discharged me despite me expressing thoughts, I am homeless due to DV from immediate relatives, I have lots of trauma and seemingly nowhere to go for stable shelter. If I end up on streets, I think I will do something to myself.


In a great many communities, you can dial 211 and to be directed to resources that can help.

Try this too: https://988lifeline.org/

Keyword “formerly homeless stars” in Google. You will be amazed!

When I was a kid, we were evicted multiple times. Sometimes I’d hang around 24 hour laundromats just to stay warm.

Don’t give up! You are at the beginning of your life, and you are a priceless treasure that’s meant to be here.

I know someone who dropped out of school in the ninth grade and struggled for years, but eventually graduated college with honors and went on to a fulfilling professional career. It happens, and there’s no reason for it not to happen for you.

Maybe you haven’t met the person yet, but someone out there wants to love you. There is someone out there that you will want to love.

Please stay safe. We care about you.


Going to a mental health facility right now.


I hope you’ll get through it! We love you!

We are praying, and we hear you.:heart:


I hope that you find this place safe for you. I am so sorry for what us going on and for the horrible actions that others have made against you.


Hey @Monarch.Nightmare,

It’s been a little while since you’ve posted here, and I hope you are safe and feeling a little better these days. It surely sounds like you have a lot to deal with, circumstances that can’t necessarily be changed in an instant, which brings its share of helplessness and hopelessness… As our friends stated though, as tough as this life can be, you are worth persevering, you deserve so much better. To embrace joy and good things that life could offer to you, even if right now you are still waiting for it. For what it’s worth from a stranger like me, I’m proud of you for getting into this mental health facility. It was a huge and brave step to take during a time of high vulnerability. You made the right decision. Hopefully people there were/are kind to you and would be able to help you more.

If you would like to stay in touch and share anything you need, please know that this forum is a safe space to talk. Always.

You are loved. You belong. :hrtlegolove: