Honestly feeling hopeless

Honestly, while writing this post, I feel hopeless.

I am trying to hold back tears. It honestly feels like that more and more people hate. At this point all of my girlfriends family hates me, so fun.

Like, will things ever get better? From the way it is looking, I don’t think it will and honestly I’ve lost all hope that it will.

Like seriously? I want things to get better. But it doesn’t ever feel like it will.

I am hopeless, like please.

If there is a God out there, please intervene now.

What can I do for you right now?

Honestly I am not sure


Hey Darian,

There is always hope,
it’s okay if you’re not sure because it can be difficult to believe in hard times.

I’ve felt like things couldn’t possibly get better, and I’ve questioned and thought that perhaps I can’t get back to where I was or that things can’t get better like I’m just stuck in a place where no progress is possible because I’ve fallen too far or I’ve made too many mistakes.

I know that things can and will get better, don’t give up.

I don’t know your story or what you’re really going through, or even what the best advice or the best thing for you to know or hear is to change or become better.

Don’t give up pal,
Try praying tonight, ask God if things are going to be okay or if things are going to workout.

Then from there make your best effort to do what you feel is the best thing for you mentally, emotionally and in your life overall.

If you feel overwhelmed or uncertain what the best thing is then take some time to breath, go outside and look up at the sky to just ponder.

I’m sorry if this message isn’t very helpful,
Feel free to reply if you’d like to talk more or DM me.

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