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Honestly I'm not sure anymore

Hey all.

I am gonna be truthful.

This evening when writing this it is 2:46 AM and honestly I can’t sleep.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my girlfriend.

She has severe brain damage and honestly I am wondering. What if she forgot who I am? The love of her life?

And she seemed so happy on the outside, but was she truly happy with me on the inside, or was it all a big act…

Thanks for listening

hey @DarianDaOtter ,
i know we’ve had much coversation about this on the discord dms but i hear you , i see you and i love you for you.
All i can say is if you cant be there physically with your girlfriend you can always be there for her in any other way (words are hard).
There was this episode in the fosters where Jesus was trying to cover for his dad but ended up getting a nail to his brain and had to have surgery to removed the nail . after wards he did have issues and anger problems but he was able to recover slowly yeah he wasnt a 100% but his family was there for him and treated him like his normal self even though he had this happen to him. As for your girlfriend, try to support her the best you can , but also do whats best for you and your own health .
Let me know if you need anything .
Hold fast you’re worth it!

  • Ashley
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