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Im not good when it come to talking about my problems but im going to try, I have had depression for years and no-one has ever helped me, i have tried to talk to people but I have always been called an attention seeker, after years of trying I finally got put on anti depressants about five years ago and saw a mental health counsellor but they never gave me a second appointment and i never heard from them again even when i called them, last year in june my antidepressants got stopped for no reason and i had a bad withdrawal and since then i have been on my own, I am in a bad place right now and no-one will help me. I can t find a reason to continue living, people say to me all the time that life gets better and I was stupid enough to believe that, things are only getting harder for me. another problem I have is my ADHD, my brain wont stop thinking and when i am in a bad place my brain is always overthinking and makes things worse. I have no friends for support and I have no motivation left to continue with life. I dont know where to turn now and I am tired of trying. sorry if this is a bit of a ramble but I am unable to think clearly at the moment. I am used to keeping this all to myself and not opening up so this feels uncomfortable to me, might end up deleting this later im sure anyone reading this will understand


Thank you for taking the time to share some of your life here. I understand the feelings of vulnerability. This is a safe space. And you seem to know that isolation is not safe. We start turning in on ourselves when we do, and your brain is in that loop. I think you are being realistic when you say life doesn’t get better when nothing changes. We need each other. And we need care.

I’m sorry for all the long years and days of depression that you’ve suffered, and the extreme difficulty you’ve had trying to get help. It is a depression on top of depression to try so hard and get no response or inadequate care. I think it’s meaningful that you’ve reached out again. It is an indication that even though you’re at the end of your rope, you’ve tied a knot and are hanging on as you try one more time to be heard. I hear you!

Crisis hotline is 988 if you need to talk with someone. I find comfort listening to Psalm 23, you can find that online. Others will respond to you post too and give you their thoughts and care. You are always welcome here. All the best as you make your way~


What’s wrong with being an attention seeker? That’s just an accusation crass people use when they’re being judgmental and/or not wanting to be “put on the spot” for showing lack of compassion.

Humans crave attention, and need it. If you’re pushy and trying to steal attention from others, then it’s a problem, even though that’s what kids are usually conditioned to do. People have to get over that conditioning as they gain maturity. However, saying someone’s an “attention seeker,” is just a demonstration of immature name calling. Their childishness isn’t your problem, so don’t let it get to you.

Usually medications are stopped if a doctor or therapist isn’t seen at least once a year, and in most cases, they want to see the patient every six months. It’s unusual for a person to get med refills for a number of years without seeing a provider.

Talk to your regular doctor if you have one, and ask for a referral to a mental health specialist. Don’t just try a little bit and give up. Be persistent. In this situation, you have every right and obligation to yourself to be an attention seeker.

You do now. Stick around. We’ll listen, and may even be helpful.

Would you be motivated to continue with a better life? It’s possible.

I have ADHD, not diagnosed till college, but even then it helped to know I wasn’t just a screw up. Believe it or not, there are some advantages to having it. Our thought processes are fast, so we can figure out how to deal with things quickly. It’s easy to get bored though, especially in school. There are coping strategies for that.

Yeah, it can take getting used to, but you end up realizing that you’re not alone, and you can share your journey with each other, along with information and coping strategies.

Stay in touch!



Hello Friend! Welcome to Heart Support. I’m sorry you’re feeling alone and it feels like no one will help you. I feel for you. I would encourage you to seek therapy and maybe get back on your meds. You are part of the Heart Support family now, so I hope you can join our streams and our discord (one of the posts under will have the links for you). We’d love to get to know you and help support you! ~Mystrose

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend welcome to Heart support, I am happy to meet you and so pleased you decided to open up here about your problems, its not an easy thing to do for a lot of people but it does really help when you finally do it. It sounds like your help has been few and far between but please dont give up on that, push for that help if you need it, go back to see you Dr, talk to them about how you are feeling, get your meds back if they help, anyone who needs them should be one them. I am pleased that you found Heartsupport because here you have found friends and support from all sorts of people from all walks of life that will love and uplift you no matter what, we have a discord and a twitch channel you can find us on, ill pop the links at the bottom, hope that we will see you there sometime. Much Love LIsa. xx


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From: Mamadien

TheJollyMercenary, First welcome to the Heart Support community. I’m so glad you found this place. I hope you find this to be a very safe place to talk about what is going on in your life. I’m so sorry to hear that you have been struggling with depression and ADHD for so long. It can be very difficult when others around don’t understand how it feels to have to live with these things. I want you to know that when you are reaching out for help it isn’t “attention seeking” in a negative way - it’s asking for help and you should ask for help. Please don’t stop asking. If you have a family doctor, perhaps making an appointment to try and restart antidepressants or to get a referral to someone who can prescribe them for you would help. And if you haven’t tried getting a new therapist, please don’t give up after only one therapist appointment. Try until you find the right person for you. If you are able to do online counseling, there is a Better Help link through the Heart Support website here. My big encouragement is that you are worth fighting for so don’t give up - find a doctor who will help, find a therapist who you can work with. You matter and you are important. Let us know how you make out friend.