Hopeless, empty, and eternally suffering!

Ive been feeling this way for many, many years now. I like metal music, anime, comic books, and just strange things that people think im crazy for liking. recently i had a female, not going to blast her name, but when she says to me out of the blue, you dont have any sort of liking for me, and you never want to listen to my music or do anything i like! i wasnt mad at first about what she said, but when she started to belittle me, call me worthless, trying to change me, i told her to kick rocks. ive have had several relationships in my life time, and it seems to me i always get the ones that think im to different or they just dont want to put forth the effort to listen and hear what i have to say. any feed back on this matter would really be appreciated and duly noted!

ThEsUfFeRiNg :metal::vulcan_salute::call_me_hand::v:

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I first want to say thank you for reaching out and sharing your story. You are brave to have done that. It is not at all crazy to like those things! Many people do! I love metal music too! It sounds to me like that person doesn’t feel very good about herself and she took that out on you. Her words and actions are a reflection of her, not you. Let go of those things and leave them with her, where they belong. She could have been an active participate and put her own music on if she wanted to.

I am sorry for what your going thru. A real friend doesn’t belittle you they uplift you and bring you up, it seems to me she was toxic and it was for the best she’s out of your life. I wish you the best.