Hoping it's safe to return because here I am either way

I had to take a small hiatus off of the wall for a while there. One because for most of July I had limited wifi and was out of town. Then when I came back I was trying to recover from being away from home for so long.

And then I had some things going on that I can’t talk about here for protection of myself and my sanity. But I think that things are calm and okay for the moment. I did what I could in the moment to help the issue though it’s not completely resolved. But hopefully enough that it’s safe enough for me to be here.

I hate it because I hate feeling like I can’t be somewhere that is safe and healthy for me due to someone else who wants to compromise my safety and sanity.

I love you guys. I see so many of you hurting and my heart breaks. I wish there was more I could do to lift you guys up. I may not be able to be on quite as frequently as I have been prior to July, but I try to be here as much as I can.

I love this community and all that you guys do for each other. We all hurt, but it’s so good to see everyone trying to help each other out. This is how we keep pushing on.

I’ll see you around

  • Kitty

Love You My Friend.
Peace Be With You Always


Thanks Augustus.
One day at a time.
Appreciate you.


@anon17277947 ,
Friend you can always message me if issues like these come up . I know your trying to step back alittle for reasons as you stated. But if you ever need to vent and your unable to do it her message me on discord or something .


Thanks Ashley. I’m hoping it’s getting better. It’s such a complicated situation. I don’t talk about it too much I guess because there isn’t a lot for anyone to be able to say. I’m doing what I can. And I guess I just don’t want this person owning my life. I don’t like spending too much time talking about them because they aren’t where I want my energy to be. You know?

I appreciate you. Very much. You are always such a loving presence in this community. And I know if I ever need a friend that I can find one in you. :heart:


Yeah I totally understand and respect that. Just know your loved no matter what . Love you friendship .



I’m glad you are okay.