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Horrible school


i have never felt like this before. i used to get good grades and care about school and try to get my work done, but now i just cant do that. i have straight f’s and i hate myself for it. i know im not gonna pass so whats the point in trying? the school i attend puts a mild amount of pressure on me. i cannot take it. i try to get my work done but i forget because im too busy having a depression episode or im too busy doing something stupid. i wake up every single day praying that my school will blow up or something or that i will get sick and not have to go. its like getting tortured when i go. they are racist at my school and all they talk about is really disgusting things and i dont belong. i will break down crying everyday because im thinking about how my friends are all going to a normal school while im attending an actual shithole. i give up on doing any of my work. 13 missing assignments, straight f’s and i honestly give up at this whole thing. i have made plans to drop out and live a much more stress free type life. i hate that dropping out looks like running away from your problems but honestly that is what im doing! i just need advice on how to cope the next few months at this hell hole. x



Is there a school counselor you can reach out? Have you gone to tutoring?


@dancetothis ,
Hi ,
School can be terrible , school can be filled with jerks but to be honest. Don’t be around jerks because they can be well , jerks. Some places wont be healthy and you’ll just need to remove yourself from the situation. You can always turn the assignments in and get better grade. I feel like going back to a “normal” school is probably will be the healthiest. I know you said you want to drop out but, do you want to get into a good college, do you want to have a good job? I hope things get situated out for you and i’m sorry you have to deal with that type of environment.
hold fast, you’re worth it


I know exactly how you feel. I just couldn’t handle going to the high school I was going to and ended up being homeschooled, after awhile I ended up disliking that too. My family moved and I tried a different school, I didn’t like that either and am still being homeschooled. So much stuff has happened in my life and I just have so little motivation that it’s taken me two years to complete one grade level. After all this I have decided that school just isn’t for me, but I haven’t decided to give up and drop out. I’ve decided to finish the school year that I’ve already been working on for two years and once I do I will try to get a GED. That way I can have the same equivalent but not have to go all through school and finally get past everything that’s been such a problem for me, then I can go to college and start studying what I actually am passionate about. I can assume that you are pretty bright considering you had good grades, and just because you’re failing doesn’t make you any less smart. I would suggest on doing that same thing that I am and try to get your GED if you honestly feel that school isn’t for you anymore. I know exactly how you feel and have been in the same situation, it has taken me a long time to get to a point where I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere and am not just stuck anymore. I hope this makes you feel better and know that you are not the only one who has gone through this. I hope everything starts to work out and get better for you very soon :heart:


Hey @dancetothis I recorded a response to your topic on our live stream.
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