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This person is at the Afroman Concert and answered the question: when do you feel like getting out of bed is the hardest thing in the world?

After a night of endless thought loops, thinking about life.


From: theladywho (Discord)

Hi Heartsupport Fan B1, I can totally relate to those nights, with the cyclical thoughts that just circle around in your mind. It can be really exhausting and frustrating at the same time. Something I’ve had to work on over the years is to focus in on the original thought and figure out what is bothering me. I’ve found that lots of my worries are actually actionable things. For example money woes: I was always worried would I have enough for rent? I decided to action that thought and wrote out a list of all my bills and made a simple budget. That’s just a example but there are so many things that if we let them stay in our head it will never get better. Writing it out or finding the source of the problem is the best advice I can give. Wishing you the best, theladywho


hey heartsupport fan B1,

very relatable feeling right there, you are far from alone in experiencing those long, difficult nights of a brain on fire. the next day, you usually feel physically exhausted and mentally drained. it feels like it’s almost impossible to shut your brain off!

the best advice i can offer are 3 things that help me overcome these endless thought loops: taking a physical walk in either my apartment or outside, journaling my thoughts/feelings on a physical paper, or concentrating on a single, comforting thing (like my dog’s sleeping face). any of those usually allow me to get my mind off or at least sort through some of those thoughts so a peaceful night’s rest can begin.

wishing you the best, my friend.



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