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This person is at the Afroman concert and answer the question: what’s something you’re currently doing you would like to change?

Not being open to make friends.


Hey friend,

Good job for acknowledging something you’d like to change in your life right now. It’s definitely the first step to take in order to consider this change and initiate a new transition. I hope writing it down will give you the opportunity to keep thinking about it in times to come, and eventually how to get wher eyou want to be.

I imagine that, by not being open to make friends for a certain time, you had your own reasons to do so. Sometimes life just gets too much, or we also get hurt/disappointed by others. Events happen that can shake deeply our beliefs in others, in life, in ourselves. Learning to change and being more open to make friends would be like opening a new chapter, entering a new season in your life. It might be interesting as well to try to reflect on what you’d leave behind you. Wounds? Needs? Regrets? How to make you allow yourself to create some positive connections with others yet to remain safe and set healthy boundaries too? The answers will come slowly but surely, while learning to know yourself better too.

We don’t know each other, but I’m so glad to read that you are willing to be more open to make friends in the future. I bet you are a wonderful human being who will happen to be a real gift to all the people who’ll have the chance to know you, and not just you on the surface. Trust is difficult to give and to acquire. It implies to take many risks and to learn to protect ourselves as well, to give and to receive. But once we create some deep and meaningful connections to others, it becomes a priceless gift.

I wish you the best in your future encounters. If you’d like to share about it a little more, know that the Support Wall will always be a safe place to do so. Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:

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