How am I supposed to succeed in life?

Hi heart support. I don’t know if this sounds really stupid or not, but lately I’ve been freaking out a bit… I’ve just yesterday realized that I’ve been totally fooling myself for a year or so thinking I could ever succeed or be happy going to college and earning some fancy degrees in philosophy or anthropology to make me look smart- I possess absolutely zero executive functioning or social skills because I’m a failure of a human being with ADD who can’t even handle the memory and time management skills needed to pass high school. My life feels like a sad joke sometimes. I try so hard just to be seen as adequate by others- twice as hard as everyone else tries to do the same thing. The college thing was just a sad cover up for my insecurity and embarrassment of never being as good as others. Honestly? I don’t really think I’d be happy studying academia in college. School is NOT the right place for me, I’ve known that since I was a little kid. I want to be creative, and to be myself… But what the hell am I going to do if I don’t go to college? I hate the thought of ever having to go into a profession in which I can’t use my brain or my creativity… so what should I do? I feel like everything I could be is just a whistful dream and the reality is a harsh life where I’m constantly struggling to fit into a world that my brain isn’t designed for.

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Hey friend,
you are not alone in this struggle. The best i can say is to be totally yourself! Find what your REAL passions are. Explore your talents and gifts. You don’t have to be who the worlds wants or is telling you to be. Be wholeheartedly you. Embrace who you are and what you have. Whatever you pursue in college or elsewhere make sure it brings you joy. No matter what it is, there is no limit or restriction on getting creative. For example, if you want to go into psychology, there are plenty of ways of getting creative with it. Some may require a bit for thought than others. But i believe God has blessed us with the gift of creativity and authenticity. Embrace your own creativity and authenticity and allow it to shine. We all have insecurities my friend, i’m going through one right now. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to let what’s inside of you shine. Trust me when i say this world needs your authenticity. Give your fears and doubts a good kick in the butt, and embrace all that you are and all thats inside. Embrace the Light thats been put inside you. You can do it friend, don’t limit yourself. Don’t be afraid to embrace True Love and be a badass. <3 :muscle::purple_heart:

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The point of live is not to succeed, but to be happy doing what you do. The point of life is living. You are not ‘supposed’ to do anything, you just need to be happy and people around you will be happy with you. And that means accepting your flaws of ADD and doing something you love, if not for work then in your free time. Just live, and you’ll be good enough.
I hope you find your way, I really do.

Martin / ThatOldDutchGuy

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Thanks so much. This is a big help. You’re awesome <3


What’s up @HPLgirl? I also have ADHD and sometimes it feels like a superpower and other times it feels like a curse. It does get better. In university it is an adjustment period but you can adapt and there are numerous resources in university to help you rather it’s taking your exams outside of the classroom, extended time, meeting with someone to help you learn organization and time management skills, or even managing ADHD in the classroom. Just keep hanging in there and keep doing the absolute best that you can. You matter. You are at a point in life where you are trying to figure out what to do after high school and that is okay. Pursue what makes you happy and what you are passionate about. If you are into being creative have you thought about looking into art, theater or music programs? It takes time and that is okay. At the end of the day if you are happy doing what you love that is all that matters. Stay strong and know that we are here for you.