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How can I get involved with HeartSupport?

55% of all emails that come in to [email protected] ask this question in one way or another:

How can I get more involved with HeartSupport?

Historically, we haven’t had an excellent answer to that until now. Jake, our founder, and Dave, our executive director, were passionate about fixing that issue, and they came up with a solution:

A one year Masterclass to train passionate people how to make a meaningful impact on people and culture.

The Reason behind the Masterclass.

This is to specifically train our community members how to use their passion and make an impact. Here’s how it works:

There are multiple stages of someone’s personal journey — three main ones are triage, healing, and purpose.

  • Triage is where most of us find HeartSupport — getting help for an immediate need. We all face that stage at some point in our journey.
  • Healing is where we start to get help and grow and become stronger. It’s where many of us journey after opening up in this community.
  • Purpose is where we deepen our healing and answer a call on our lives to help others, to bring more good into the world, to fight for something meaningful, to use what we have to make a difference. Purpose is actually something we can step into from any other stage. It is helpful for us in Triage or in Healing because it calls us up, it gives us something to lean into, it gives us a reason to fight, to grow, to love others and ourselves.

This Masterclass is built to help anyone from our community to step into their Purpose.

The Structure of the Masterclass.

It will taught by our entire staff — Jake and Dave are the primary teachers, and those two guys have each impacted thousands of lives. They live their lives exercising their purpose, and they’ll teach us how to become the type of person that can shift culture and bring people out of a darkness they may experience. They’ll teach us the “heart” skills.

And the rest of our staff will teach on the “hard” skills, the tangible ways to make an impact.

It’ll all be wrapped in a community of like-minded people wanting to make an impact, and it’ll be an awesome way to be called forth to bring your unique contribution in life. I personally believe it’ll be a meaningful experience.

How to Join the Masterclass.

It costs $40/mo, and it has trainings 2x per month for 3 hours on a week night. It’ll last for a year and end with a 3 day mental health conference in Spring 2021 that you’ll get to attend for free for being a part of the Masterclass. You can sign up here.

If you have ever asked yourself the question, how can I get more involved with HeartSupport? I believe this would be an incredible opportunity for you to not only connect more meaningfully with this community but also to develop your identity and purpose.

If you’re interested, you can check out the website at – Registration is open until May 29, 2020, and then the class will be closed, and we won’t reopen until next year. Classes will start on June 1, 2020.

If you have any questions about the class or want to discuss it with me directly, please shoot me a Direct Message (click on my profile, and then click “Message”). Send me your thoughts or feedback on the opportunity. I’d love to chat more about it!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community, and I hope to see you in the Masterclass to get to know each other more and go on this journey together.