How can I make it?

I cannot stand my family anymore. I’ll be 22 in a matter of days and they still treat me like a child. I cannot afford an apartment, I would have gone living alone long ago.
Rules are ok but it’s been pretty hard lately. I started this modelling thing and they’re not ok with that. I used to sing, both solo and in a band (I’m also a pretty good singer honestly) and that wasn’t good either. I almost made it as a comic author back in the years, but that wasn’t good either. It’s like they don’t want me to express myself as I really am. I cannot even dress as I want (I bought some rings but they don’t consent to that) or take part in anything that they don’t like. Also having this account is something that they wouldn’t agree with.
I tried hiding some stuff from them but it’s obvious that excuses don’t last long, even if I’m a very good liar. I’m terrified to do anything because I fear they will just say no to everything. Every time I do something, all they say is “you’ve changed” in disgust.
I argue with my mother everyday. She just won’t let me be. I try to be more independent but she’s always there watching me. She’s always controlling everything I do. She overcares, but I believe that at 22 is a little bit too much.
I’m tired of living under this roof, and I’m tired of arguing for stupid stuff because they cannot understand that I need to grow up.


I believe in you. Keep fighting. The sun will rise and we will try again.

You got this.

Take it slow.


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Hey, thank you for sharing.

It’s hard dealing with people who don’t understand who you are, what you want, or what you’re doing. And it’s even harder when those people are your family. You see them every day and deal with the same stuff every day and you just feel exhausted from the constant you feel from them. It’s not fair and you don’t deserve that. Especially at your age (I’m guessing you’ve turned 22 by now. Happy Birthday!), you should be able to dress and choose whatever job you want. From their perspective, they should just be satisfied that you’re making money.
I hope in time your mother understands your independence and things improve. Have you tried being honest with your family? There’s a good chance they’ll be a lot more gentle and understanding than you expect.

Hang in there friend,