How can I over come sarcasm people? I have Asperger

Whenever I’m at work or public I notice people give me the look ( in their mind wow this chick is stupid, is she mental, I can’t stand her, and etc.) they act nice to me but agree with me so I can shut up. One co worker did that but never give me her opinion or advice. One co worker said to me Lea your so defensive and she told me “ rick is afraid talking to you” well I don’t like being nagged constantly. I know what I’m suppose to do at work. How can I outsmart nagging boss and over power sarcasm people or mean people in general or fake. :woman_facepalming:t2:



I have known a few people with Asperger’s myself and also have a cousin with William’s Syndrome, so I can understand how a lot of people might treat you in public. Unfortunately, there are not many people that can recognize it and will try to steer away, but the best thing I can say to you is just have a kind heart, treat people how you want to be treated, and only let the genuine people into your life. You have to have patience and good judgement in finding great people but it is wonderful to make a lifelong friend and know it from the start. Extremely kind hearted people might be hard to find but they will understand your frustration and be at your side no matter what.



Well, I suggest ignoring them or use those words of hatred into a good reason in a good way. It’s like being insulted but, giving a lesson in a calm manner. If the insults or sarcasm gets worse, I suggest proving that you aren’t what they expect. As I support people with diseases and disabilities, this is going to be hard. Hopefully, they should realize the artistic or your good side of who you are!

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I’m sorry you are going through that. Sarcasm can be taken to the extreme. I do it too. People are people. They come and go. We are being tested, and we have to see if we are being patient, strong, and not letting anyone get to us. Don’t let their negativity get the best of you. Remember you are special, beautiful, intelligent, and you are loved. This community loves you. If you want to continue to share more, this forum is still open. I hope you are doing okay. Thank you. God bless you.