How do I get over a big... MASSIVE GIANT mistake I made that just makes me wanna end it every second

From Dark…: Sooo I don’t wanna add too many details cause I got blocked by the last 2 people I told about it and I just wanna get over it as fast as possible


So many people make “massive giant” without realizing it or willfully denying it. Just knowing that you messed up is a huge step in the right direction. Mistakes offer lessons. If you survive them, you know how to avoid them in the future. Everyone makes mistakes some of them “huge.” After messing up big time, you have the opportunity to allow that error to give you a major dose of empathy for others who also make mistakes.

I don’t know why anyone would block you unless they are afraid of saying the wrong thing to you.

I want you to recover quickly as well. Whatever it was that you did, you don’t deserve to suffer for it after you have learned the lesson it presented.


First, this is a safe space and we are here to listen to what you have to say. Know that you will be heard and not ignored here, if you choose to share what happened. I find that it also helps me process when I let it out. Even though you made a mistake, that does not need to define you, because you’re not alone - everyone makes mistakes of every magnitude. It is unfortunate that this makes you lose hope in life, but it takes time to learn to live with it.

Here for you


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