How do I know I'm depressed?

I was wondering if there’s a way to see if I’m depressed? I have no motivation lately, it doesn’t help that I got laid off work last week and unemployment is slow to get back to me. Is there a test I can take or something to get a baseline on where I stand on the depression guidelines. I just don’t want to do anything as of late. I’d rather just sit and watch tv or look on Facebook or Instagram. I don’t really want to interact with my daughter either. She’s five and I have no energy to do anything with her. Any support or if someone wants to chat we can. Thanks…


First off, thank you for sharing this with us!
Reaching out can be hard, and I’m proud of you, for doing so.

Have you thought about seeing a doctor, to see if something might actually be wrong?
I remember always thinking something wasn’t right. I took some of these tests, you can do for free on the internet. It gave me some insight of what could be wrong. Although, those aren’t a real diagnosis. I always asked my parents, if I could go see a doctor, to see if he would diagnose me with something. Once, I actually landed in the hospital, because my mental health affected my body, I was diagnosed with severe depression.

What I’m trying to say is; Maybe go see a doctor or go to the hospital?

I don’t know, If I was able to help in any way. I’m very young. But, I’m always open to talk!


I’ve asked my doctor at one point like last year if I could get tested for depression and he just said I think you need to find something to get yourself motivated or something along those lines. I’ve been going more and more into this hole, no not thinking about suicide. I’m overweight, and that doesn’t help either. I think that I just need to focus my thoughts on different things. I am looking at things I shouldn’t be and it’s getting me more and more in that rut as well. I just want to find a circle of friends to chat about music and stuff and with covid it’s taken a toll on me, especially now that I was laid off. Sorry for the rambling.

Do you have to go through your primary care doctor? Its always good to get a second opinion if you can. Maybe go to a psychiatrist/psychologist directly for assessment?

Also, I love talking about music! What kind of music are you into?

I haven’t gone through anyone else other than my primary.

As far as music, I’m huge into metal, but am open to almost anything. Upset I slept on FFAK for so long.

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Hi there @fenderman1284,

Thank you for reaching out!
There are some test online you can take and see and I think some of them you can print out the results and give it to your doctor. But unfortunately it is not a diagnosis as it was already mentioned here.
You are already ahead if you feel something is wrong.

If you want to ever talk, I’m here. I am a huge music fan (especially into more of the metal and rock genres) and I would love to talk about that or just about anything in general.

hi , thanks for sharing this thoughts with us.
Me , if i am depressed & i wanted to seek a way to find that M i really depressed , means i am doing this all in depression. so now i need to find how to get rid of this situation. what i did if i was so punctual and suddenly i laid off from work, means either i lost the excitement of work , or either m getting physically weak to keep the same excitement when my body was supporting me. not all the time its your brain, sometimes its physical as well not mental.
i would say if you are mentally disturbed then u wont even go through facebook and insta to make yourself mentally pressured.
you need real courage and motivation to your own self that now you have to do some exercise , an hour , or half an hour , start even for 15 min. you are forcing yourself to become lazy , why dont you force and push yourself 15 min to become active and make a single simple move of any physical exercise, choose the times of early morning so you can see the sunrise. keep yourself within positive people. chat with the mates to whom you can trust, make new mate to keep yourself excited. listen to those words which make you feel calm. for example evenif i am lazy , i laid down on bed and listen raindrop music , may be you have something in you to help you out. best regards, and bless you pal