How do I tell someone they matter?

So here I am again, cause of course something would go wrong. I was talking with K today (you all probably know her but if not check my first post, that explains it the best) and we were talking about grades and the such. Before we talked she sent a message asking to talk about something so I asked about it. As a bit more relevant info about her, she’s always been a math person much like myself. She had made a different mistake earlier in her day which she’s still upset about. But what seemed to upset her the most was a drop in her math grade. It was one percent drop from 100 to 99. As small as that may seem she says that that’s all she’s good at and that it’s what she is defined by. She got to the point where she didn’t want to exist and said that the world wouldn’t miss her. How do I tell her that she matters and that she still has a good grade?

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Hi there @MA10,

From what you said, I don’t think you need to worry too much about how you could say it to her. You already trust each other and you wrote things well here in your post. Her struggles are beyond a matter of having good grades or not. But concerning your question, just tell her as you said here. You appreciate each other already and there’s no reason you won’t find the right words, as you know her enough. Maybe she would be frustrated or upset to hear that at the moment, if she’s not used to it, but having a friend like you means a lot too. Just be honest and gentle. You’re already doing great. :heart:

Just as an update for anyone that cares: She asked for space so I gave it to her. I’ve been feeling a little lonely and in need of attention but that happens a lot when nobody’s around. I hope things will be fine with her. She promised she’d be okay but I worry a little.

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