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How do you know if you're going crazy?

I’m not hearing voices or seeing things but I feel like something is definitely wrong with me. I’ve been having these very negative thoughts in my head and I think its giving me a headache.

I haven’t had the urge to eat or do anything and I just want to sleep every day but obviously that’s not a good idea.

Quite frankly I’m not sure how I managed to type this or or why I typed this in the first place. Just disregard this and go about your lives

Hey friend.

I think sometimes we all kinda feel that way. From stress, anxiety, fear, being overwhelmed, getting burned out, reaching our limit. It at times can all have a great impact on us and make us feel a little crazy or beside ourselves.

I know that depression can make us feel really detached sometimes, numb, empty, make us want to sleep all of the time, eat too much, or not at all. All very common things to feel. I’m not sure what all you are going through right now but I’m sorry that you’re feeling in a funk.

Heart Support has a lot of really great encouraging videos on their youtube: - Maybe something here can be helpful to you. <3

If you want to talk about anything that is on your mind or may be causing you to feel this way, feel free to talk about friend. That’s what we are here for.

Hope you are able to clear your head and get some good rest.

  • Kitty