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How I Describe My Depression

Originally posted on Twitter, but wanted to share here as well:

If you asked me to describe what #depression would look like, it’s this: 2 weeks worth of unwashed clothes, piled high in a small basket. Heavy, burdensome, like the dark thoughts in my mind; almost to the point of overflowing. It’s empty now, only to refill again…


Man. This description is so accurate. And what a vicious cycle. A freaking poison. Depression truly sucks and I wish you never knew how it really feels. That it’s not just a matter of pure willingness or perception, but really something that is incredibly draining, every freaking day. I’m used to describe it as feeling like being my own shadow, walking behind myself with chains on my feet, always behind and always delayed.

Celebrate yourself when your basket is empty, Tom. We know and understand the cost of such “simple” vision. Your efforts are real, seen, and not in vain. :hrtlegolove:

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