How I Release My Stress And Burdens

Every Saturday, I Would Rap About It To Make Me Feel Better. Even If It’s Returning. I Knew I Stood Strong Even If Life Has Been Real Tough Lately. But It Help Me Grew Independence When I Was The Only Walking Till Somebody Understood My Position. You And Others On Different Platforms. But, There Were Other Burdens That I Don’t Feel Like Sharing. However, I Turn My Remorses Into Music. I Know It Will Be A Long While For My Voice To Be Heard. Which Is Today. And Yes Eric, I Will Keep Fighting Strong And Say, “I’m Awesome, I’m Strong.” Yet, Most Times. You Have To Stop And Relax In Order To Fight.


I think music is a great form of expression and a great way to deal with stress. It’s heslthy.

Thanks for sharing some of your feelings! It’s not always easy to open up and we all just have to find our own form of expression. For me it’s through art. And a lot of the time, abstract art. So I can just go with the flow and release the anxiety filled energy through the flow of random lines.

I hope that whatever is going on in your life that you find peace and comfort. That your music brings you a sense of calm. You are so important!

Hold fast my friend

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